What are Brain Healthy Habits? Part 1: Food

I’m sure you’ve heard this before but food impacts EVERYTHING you do and feel.

The Amen Clinics has developed 9 Rules of Brain-Healthy Eating that we subscribe to:

Rule #1 Think high quality calories and not too many of them.

Rule #2 Drink plenty of water and don’t drink your calories.

Rule #3 Eat high-quality, lean protein throughout the day.

Rule #4 Eat smart carbohydrates (low glycemic, high fiber).

Rule #5 Focus your diet on healthy fats.

Rule #6 Eat from the rainbow.

Rule #7 Cook with brain-healthy herbs and spices to boost your brain.

Rule #8 Make sure your food is as clean as possible.

Rule #9 If you’re having trouble with your mood, energy, memory, weight, blood sugar, blood pressure, or skin, make sure to eliminate any foods that might be causing trouble, especially wheat and any other gluten-containing grain or food, and dairy, soy, and corn.

(you can find this list and a longer discussion of the links between diet and brain health in, Healing ADD for the Inside Out (2013) by Daniel G. Amen)

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